School of Kingdom Living 2011 - Dan Mohler teaching at HCSKL 2011

School of Kingdom Living 2011

Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living 2011 (HCSKL 2011) was a 51 day, truth intensive school with Dan Mohler, Don Wolabaugh and David Hogan. Dan Mohler taught (only) 39 days (Lessons) out of which is this school created. (If you are intersted in other speakers, there's full playlist on YT). It was recorded as audio and video (except for the first day). Videos were released free of charge on YouTube later. Quality was rather poor, that's why I did this fix. (Only Dan Mohler's sessions have audio fixed.)

You're here because you're saying "I want to know God. I want to walk in a sense of God reality like I haven't known. I want to understand who I am because of the Gospel." Right?
"We didn't want to make this school a topical school. We wanted it to be a school with a heart, where we're catching the heart of God and moving in relationship... You want to learn to live from the heart..." (Dan Mohler, HCSKL 2011)

What to expect?

This school is practical. It's not a) b) c) or bunch of head knowledge or How To's. It's about understanding things and God reality. Dan Mohler goes in depth on many subjects and related things illustrated by examples from real life and living the Kingdom now. It's groundbreaking and eyeopening no matter where you are at.

Some of the areas: Righteousness, Living by Faith, Freedom from Sin, Communion with God, Becoming Love, Kingdom Perspective, Love, Healing, Prayer and Fasting, Casting out demons, Stepping out to Love, War Against the Kingdom, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, A lot of Questions and Answers.

Start now

You can either go through the school Online - on this website or on YouTube or Offline - Download whole school and watch or listen "offline". If you choose "online" option, you might want to adjust Settings for best experience.

If you are not familiar with Dan Mohler or this is your first time, I would recommend you to watch the videos instead listening just to audio. You could miss the things Dan is acting and showing.

NOTE: I'm NOT affiliated with Dan Mohler ( nor Harvest Chapel ( nor others. I just fixed audio on these precious materials and joined it with other resources and made it available for your maximum benefit.