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This website has features that are supposed to assist you. Set your prefferences for the best experience that suits you. Because of technology used, these settings are saved in your current web browser (client side). Meaning that if you use another device or web browser, you will have to set them for that device/browser.

Note: Your Settings, Progress, Notes are saved in your web browser on your PC/device only - using Cookies/Local storage technology. If you delete Cookies/Local storage of this website, your settings/progress will be lost.

Custom preferences

  (disable if you are interested only in audio - saves data and time)
  (you can save notes for each Lesson)
  (you will be able to save your progress)
  (system will save your progress (Lesson) automatically)
  (system will show you where you stopped playing audio/video)
  (make OPUS audio format default - instead of mp3)

Note: Currently works only automatical restoring of playback position of YouTube videos. If you use audioplayer, you will have to manualy set playback position to indicated time.