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There is nothing that I've found so far that would be more powerfull than these Kingdom Living Schools. I've been working on remastering Dan Mohler teaching @ HCSKL 2010/2011 for months now. The idea is to bring media with much better sound and in way that it will be easier to go through and translate.

What is working (at least is supposed to)?

  • Prepared all Lessons and descriptions for HCSKL 2010/2011
  • Settings
  • Progress tracking

What's missing?

  • Complete remastering of Audio/Video files (work in progress)
  • Lessons don't have proper audio for now
  • Lessons have only old videos for now
  • Texts on some pages
  • Searching in schools
  • Downloads

What can you do?

When it's going to be finished?

I've no idea. Hopefully in few months for HCSKL 2011. I'm working on final audio for HCSKL 2011 now (I'm at Lesson 8 6/13/2019) and I need your feedback - watch the sample video please. Then the videos needs to be fixed and rendered and converted which are time intensive tasks... Then I'll resume work on fixing the audio for HCSKL 2010, which is more tragic...