Download HCSKL 2011 Dan Mohler teaching HCSKL 2011 (audio and video)

Download HCSKL 2011 (audio and video)

You can download whole school as audio (MP3 or OPUS format) or MP4 videos (LQ, HEVC) in ZIP archives below.
If you wish to download only specific Lesson / Day, you can find download links at the bottom on each "Lesson" page.

Download ZIP achives

The files are compressed in a single ZIP archive, you will need to extract/decompress them after downloading ;-)

MP3 bitrate: 40k (small size), MP3 SQ bitrate: 64k (better quality)
OPUS bitrate 20k, OPUS SQ bitrate: 48k
MP4 videos are encoded in HEVC (h265), 360p (~170MB per lesson).