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This school is not theoretical / theological, but practical. If you desire to get close to God, get to really know Him in intimate relationship with Him, understand why are you here, get to know the truth and be free - then this is for you.

You're here because you're saying "I want to know God. I want to walk with a sense of God reality like I haven't known. I want to understand who I am because of the Gospel." This school is going to lock in perspectives that are life giving and teach us how to receive the grace of God that changes us from within. How the Gospel looks in everyday life, settings and circumstances. (Dan Mohler, HCSKL)

So what is it about?

I've been seeking after God and Truth for years now and there is nothing that I've found so far that would be more powerful than these two Kingdom Living Schools that Dan Mohler taught in 2010 and 2011. It changes just about everything and it's really impacting as it's taught by the living example of these things. When I was listening to these schools, I've realized that I've never understood the Big picture, why am I really here and what I'm called to and what's available for me to live like here and now. I've never even heard anything close to this nor about anyone living like this yet it's clear to me now that this is for everyone...

Originally I've been working on remastering HCSKL 2010/2011 and the idea was to bring media with much better sound and in way that it will be easier to go through and translate to other languages. As there is still a lot to be done and it doesn't look like I can finish it any time soon, so I "just" fixed sound on HCSKL 2011 so at least something is available.

News / changes

  • 7/16/2021 - Added option to download better quality audio files
  • 7/13/2021 - Launched school website with Dan Mohler teaching at HCSKL 2011 available to listen to and download

Available courses

I plan to add other resources in (probably distant) future.

NOTE: I'm NOT affiliated with Dan Mohler ( nor Harvest Chapel ( nor others. I just fixed audio on these precious materials and joined it with other resources and made it available for your maximum benefit.